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Philippines is one of the world's tourist destinations for a variety of reasons. Scenic views, cuisine, culture and its people are the top reasons why people loves to visit the country. Part of Filipinos hospitality that dates in the history is to never let a guest leave without a token for their visit and oftentimes, these are hand-made crafts. Aside from streets busy with various food vendors, whether it's a city or a small town, rows of craft vendors are also hard to miss on high-traffic tourist areas. ​The handicraft industry in the country started a thousand of years back with skills mastered from generation to generation. For a long period of time, a lot of families relied on this industry for their livelihood, from planting and harvesting the materials to be used, to extracting fibers, sun-drying and the weaving process itself - basket cottage industry is indeed a labor of love for the art, culture and tradition. However, a lot has changed when the world came to a stop because of the pandemic in 2019. Tourism industry is one of the many industries that suffered. While airports, hotels and resorts are suffering, the artisans are too. And to them, it meant much worse. It meant total loss of income and uncertainty. 

Knowing the situation very well, Magayon Collections was born. To keep the families afloat during those trying times, the team imports handcrafted items from the artisans in the Philippines to sell in local Farmer's Markets. We started with a simple goal - to somehow uplift the spirits of the artisan community in the country during the times when nothing was sure. From offering handmade basket planters made of natural materials, we are able to grow our collections to have handmade bags, market totes, placemats for a perfect tablescape and even fashion accessories such as rattan and freshwater pearl earrings. Now, our vision sees more of the future. We don't only hope to keep the families afloat. We hope to provide them with a sustainable income while promoting sustainable products that are beautiful (Magayon). Through the skillful artisan team that we have in the Philippines, we aim to continuously grace your homes and styles with crafts that are made with love and rooted with culture and tradition - one that's very close to our hearts.

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