What set our products apart

What set our products apart

Magayon collections carries handmade products from all over the Philippines - north to south and east to west.


Magayon is a term in Bicol (a province in the Philippines) that translates to beautiful. All of the items in our collections are carefully hand-picked, if not exclusively designed for our brand.


One of the things that we pride ourselves with are the materials that we use. Everything in our collection is a gift of nature. We use abaca, seagrass, pandan leaves, bamboos and acacia wood to name a few. Unlike factory-made crafts, all of our items are made with 100% natural materials, without adding any synthetic component to each fiber or strand.

... our people. The core of what we do are the artisans behind each carefully and skillfully crafted pieces. The hearts and creativity that goes in every piece made, they are what sets our products apart.



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